5 Conversion-Related Reasons to Create a Quiz

From Buzzfeed to the BBC and beyond, it’s impossible to move on social media without running into an online quiz or twenty. And it’s for a good reason: quizzes are fun, versatile and easy tools which can boost a brand or company’s social media presence, increase engagement, boost sales and more.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then get started now: create a quiz in minutes here.

If you need more convincing, here are 5 reasons why you should create an online quiz:

1. Quizzes Boost Social Engagement

The next time you see a quiz on your social media streams, stop and take a look at the stats. You’ll probably see that the quiz has a crazy amount of engagement, depending on how inviting the title is. A quiz with a high engagement rate and a lot of clicks will not only encourage further engagement organically (via shares, retweets, repins etc), but across all social media will also cause the platform’s algorithm to share the content more often. More people seeing your quiz, means more social engagement – which means more brand engagement.

2. Quizzes Boost User Engagement

First and foremost, users engage with quizzes because they are fun and interactive. Users complete quizzes for a different reason though – they like giving their opinion and discovering information about themselves. Whether it’s which juicer is best for them, or testing their Olympic knowledge, users who begin clicking will more often than not (>90%) complete a quiz they have started. And that’s great for conversion.

3. Quizzes Increase Conversion

As mentioned above, quizzes are natural engagement-magnets, both in terms of social media and user engagement. So the question is – what do you do with all that engagement?

It’s simple – you convert your users.

Really: once users find themselves at the end of a quiz, they’re looking for something final and specific – an answer, a suggestion – a product. So why not give them all that in one go, by suggesting a product or offer tailored to their answers and result, for example? Or, if you’re looking to grow your email marketing list, you could tailor an offer to new user signups.

4. Quizzes Promote Loyalty

When users have a great experience  – whether online or offline – they remember it, and are more likely to become a returning user. Give a new or returning user a conscious reason to come back to you – continued high-quality and fun online quizzes, for example – and they become a loyal returning user. And loyal returning users are exactly as they sound – loyal and returning.

5. Quizzes Are Quick & Easy to Create

All of the above are fantastic reasons to create a quiz – and it’s so easy to get started. With Opinion Stage, you can create easily embeddable, beautifully designed quizzes, polls, surveys, lists, forms, slideshows and more, to give your site that extra bit of oomph, and your users that extra bit of ‘ooh!’.

Need more information? Check out the Quiz Maker product page.

So – are you ready to boost your brand? Get started and create your quiz with Opinion Stage now.

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