Generate Leads Using A Poll – Redirect On Vote

Polls are not only a way to find out about readers’ opinions and preferences – they can be a tool to generate leads, very high-quality leads. One way to achieve that is by using the redirect on vote feature. Vote on this poll to see it in action, or scroll on to see how it’s done.

Generate leads using redirect on vote

The way it works is simple. Edit or create your poll, and after adding all of the sides/options, enable and configure the redirect on vote option. Just click Configure and you’ll get a screen where you can choose where voters will be redirected:

As you can see, you can either redirect all voters to the same page, or redirect to a different page for each poll option.

Why this is a great way to generate leads

The great thing about redirect on vote is that before sending a potential customer to the shop page or a potential client to the landing page, you get some info from them – info you can use to send them to exactly the right page for them. If you use this feature well, you’ll greatly increase the chances of the page being relevant to the people who reach it.

This actually isn’t the only way to generate leads using Opinion Stage polls. Read this post on generating leads with an integrated contact form to learn more. For more information on creating polls, go to the Poll Maker product page


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