Shopify Poll: How to Add a Poll To a Shopify Site

Follow these steps to add a Shopify Poll to your Shopify website:

Step 1: Get Started with Creating the Poll

 Start by creating a poll with the poll creation form

After creating the poll, click the “Embed & Share” button and copy the code to your site.


Step 2: Add Page & Edit Poll on Shopify

Log into the admin section of your Shopify website and navigate to the dashboard. You will see a tab called ‘Pages’ on the left side of your screen.

Enter this section and add a new page if you are planning to add the poll to a new page or choose from one of the existing pages where you’d like to have your poll.


Step 3: Copy Embed HTML Code to The Editor

Navigate to the Page Editor section and go to the ‘Write Your Page’ tab. Enter this page by clicking on the ‘<>’ icon. It is here that you’ll be able to embed the HTML code for the poll.


Paste the code you previously copied too this box:


# Step 4: Save the Shopify Poll and Preview It

Shopify Poll Example

You’re done!

Create a Poll for Your Shopify Site

Create a Poll


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