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Opinion Stage offers top notch online opinion polls, surveys and quizzes that maximize participation rates and extract valuable opinion insights from audiences.

Why Use Our Opinion Poll?

Following are some of the reasons why Opinion Stage opinion poll maker stands out

Great Engagement and Participation Rates

Opinion Stage Polls are designed to maximize the participation rates so that more of the users that encounter the poll will participate in it.

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All the Features You Need

Opinion polls can be used in different ways which require different feature sets. Opinion Stage polls offer a wide myriad of features that can be set on or off based on the use-case. Examples include different repeat voting mechanisms, different result displays, authentication mechanisms and much more.

Beautiful Professional Polls

It is important that your polls not only deliver top performance but that they also look great. Integrate images, videos and other media to make your polls more appealing and engaging.

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poll customization options

Customize & Brand to Perfectly Fit your Site or Brand

Opinion Stage supports many customization options including setting the poll colors, font and sizes. Select from built-in options or use CSS override to match every design detail based on your requirements. White label the poll and add your own logo to make it look 100% yours.

Gather Contact Information

You can integrate a contact form inside your opinion polls to be able to gather the voters info (e.g. email, phone number, etc) and associate it with their vote. This will let you reach out to them in a focused targeted way.

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Real time poll reporting dashboard

Advanced Reporting

Get both result and performance reports. Discover both aggregate results using graphs and charts as well as individual responses with full meta data. Get a performance report to see how many people that viewed your poll participated in it.

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Easy to Create

Create an opinion poll either from scratch or using one of the hundreds of pre-built optimized templates. You can get up-and-going in seconds with a simple poll, or take more time to fully customize your poll before publishing it.

Embed and Share Anywhere

If you own a website, you can easily embed the poll on it using multiple embed options (iframe, javascript, placements, plugins, etc). If you do not own a site you can use our optimized landing pages. Sharing the poll on social media and email is as easy as pressing a button.

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