Opinion Stage for Digital Agencies

Offer your customers interactive content experiences that stand out and deliver better results - boost engagement, generate qualified leads and increase sales/revenue

Opinion Stage is used by the World’s Top Brands & Agencies

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Impress Your Customers

Create beautiful and appealing interactive experiences your customers will love. Stand out from the crowd with the content you produce.


Get Better Results for Your Customers

Interactive content is the best performing content on the internet. For example, with quizzes you can get amazing engagement results such as 80%+ participation rates & 90%+ completion rates. The content includes advanced social sharing features to get your content viral on social networks.

Generate Qualified Leads

Get more leads by integrating lead forms inside the content you create. You will get more leads, as engaged users will also submit more leads. Integrate the lead form inside a quiz, poll or survey to qualify your leads.

Try it For Free, No Long Term Commitment

Opinion Stage offers a free plan and a 7 days free trial for all premium plans. Fully test the service before committing to anything. Subscribe to a monthly plan if you prefer not to enter a longer term commitment, or go for the yearly plan to save on costs.

Easy & Fast to Create

Creating interactive content with Opinion Stage is easy and quick. Create content from scratch using intuitive content creation forms, or speed up creation by starting from optimized templates. It takes minutes to get up-and-going.


Brand Your Content

Customize every aspect of the content look & feel, using built-in colors, fonts and sizes configurations. Use the CSS override feature to fully brand all aspects of the content based on your customers guidelines.

Share Detailed Reports with Your Customer

Get advanced & friendly reports on all aspects of the content performance and results. Show your customers how well the campaigns are working. Use the report dashboard to optimize the content on an on-going basis for maximizing results.


Promote with Ad Integrations

Run the content from optimized Opinion Stage landing pages or embed it on any site/app. We offer pixel integrations with the leading ad networks (e.g. Facebook, Google) so you can optimize your ad campaigns for completions. You can also integrate with google tag manager to track all events participation details for re-marketing purposes. For example, re-market only to users that answered a specific answer to a quiz question.

Integrate with Your Marketing Automation

Opinion Stage seamlessly integrates with any marketing automation or email service. We offer native integrations, Webhook integrations, a Zapier integration and an API.

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