An Online Voting Tool that's Fast, Easy & Customizable

Create a highly engaging and shareable online election, contest or competitions using a top-notch online voting tool

Online Voting Tool

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Highly Engaging to Maximize Participation

Get more votes with an online voting tool that is focused on engagement and participation. This is achieved by lightning speed loading time, focusing on design and usability, and using responsive design techniques to display perfectly on all platforms.

Online Voting Tool Templates

Easy & Fast to Create

Create an online vote either from scratch or by using optimized templates. Get up and going in seconds to start getting participants, and continue optimizing over time as you get more user feedback.

Customize functionality and look & feel

The online voting tool is packed with functional features such as automatic closing, integrating a lead form, cheat voting prevention mechanisms to name just a few. You can also customize all aspects of the interface such as fonts, colors, sizes and much more.

Voting Tool reporting

Real Time Advanced Report

The online voting tool reports includes both result and performance reports. Discover the break down of votes for each side the voting conversion rate, and much more, all in real-time. You can also export the results for advanced analysis.

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