Boost Sales Using an Engaging Product Finder

Opinion Stage Product Finder applies advanced logic to offer the perfect product or service to your users based on their answers to questions presented to them.


Top Brands & e-Commerce Shops use Our Product Finder

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More Engagement and Sales

Make the process of finding the right product or service easier and faster. This will result with more users completing your sales funnel and making the purchase.

Easy to Set Up

Whether you build it from scratch or use one of our ready-made templates it literally takes minutes to get up-and-going. Easily configure the logic (assigned points, skip logic, etc) for selecting the product and customize the look & feel to match your use case and brand.

Actionable Insights

Using the detailed analytics dashboard you will be able to analyze every aspect of the sales quiz. The reports include a result report, responses report, drop-off report, outcome report and more. The dashboard offers actionable insights the will help you optimize the quiz to maximize sales.


Follow Up and Re-Market

After users complete the sales quiz (regardless if there was a sale or not), you can follow up with your users in two ways: 1) Gather contact information in a lead form that is integrated in the quiz. Use the contact information associated with the user answers to optimally follow up via email/phone. 2) Fire tracking pixels to get users back to your landing pages. Use their answers in the quiz to optimize the messaging and landing pages.

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